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How do I log in and access my courses?


You can find a tutorial on how to access Polistic Yoga Academy courses here on youtube:

Desktop Login with Jennifer

Mobile login tutorial:

(If you would like to link your teachable account with your Polistic Yoga Academy account here is that info Teachable Accounts (

This is the specific link: )


You can access our affiliate dashboard tutorial here:

How do I connect with Polistic Yoga on Facebook?

Here’s our community Facebok page open to the public: 

This is our private Facebook page for Academy members: 

I'm not receiving emails, how can I stay in the loop and be first to know about classes and Polistic Yoga Academy offerings?

Sign up on for our mailing list and receive a free download of the guide and the poster if you haven't got your copies yet! 

How can I get a hard copy of the Polistic Yoga Guide? You can purchase the hard copy of Polistic Yoga guide here:

Where can I buy the Polistic Yoga 52 pose poster? Purchase the Polistic Yoga Poster here:

What pole should I purchase and where can I buy it? Here is a list of approved poles that we have tested:

How can I join Jennifer on a retreat? You can find information on retreats here:

What are Jennifer's social media handles? Connect with Jennifer on Tik Tok:

Instagram Polistic Yoga:


Where can I purchase Polistic Yoga merchandise?
Polistic Yoga Etsy Shop:

Amazon (Find lists with books, and other tools to help you on your Polistic journey)

Polistic Yoga Shop

Does Polistic Yoga have any affiliates you work with?

Yes, you can shop for products we love with our trusted partners here:

Everyday yoga

Lil Mynx