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Bring the studio home to you

Pole Yoga + a Holistic Lifestyle= Polistic yoga

Polistic Yoga Online!

Finally, the fitness lifestyle you have been looking for.

Namaste at the Pole

Turn Any Room into a Healing Space

Hang The Polistic Yoga Poster by Your Yoga Pole to set the space.

The Polistic Poster makes practicing EASY and FUN for everyone, even KIDS!

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Confidence to BE YOU!

Do you ever just want a place to stretch out and BE Yourself!

With just a few minutes of Polistic Yoga you will have the strength to BE YOU!
The Polistic Motto is "BE YOU TILL YOUR FULL!"

We are here to support YOU looking and feeling your BEST!

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Connect With The World

We are upon a new age, a new earth, one that includes all continents and people.

Polistic Yoga is on mission to help Polers all over the world.

The Polistic Yoga Guide & Journal has been translated into Spanish and is rapidly growing into other languages.

It is our goal to ensure every person in need has access to this tool and this practice!

When you become a member you are helping women in less developed countries.

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Enjoy the Strength and Confidence to Move Free!

Finally! A fun fitness practice that feels good and is fulfilling!

Polistic Yoga is easy to learn at any age!

*Stronger Core

*Calmer Mind

*Better Posture

*More Confidence

*Less Stress

*Greater Mobility

*Range of Motion

*Flexibility Made Easy

*Freedom to Be You


Enjoy the benefits when you enroll NOW!

Evolution in Pole Fitness

The only program to give you a workout like this.

If you have a Yoga POLE, dance pole or fitness pole you can start now!

This is a different way to move and stretch.

Get in the flow

Aspen LOVES Polistic Yoga

"Poling with Jennifer has helped me have the strength to focus on my intuitive healing gifts, and still show powerfully to serve my clients as a realtor.

After going on retreat with Jennifer in Costa Rica I was awakened to more of my intuitive gifts and now I am certified in Rapid Transformation and love combing this with my Polsitic practice!

This program has changed my life in every way for the better!

Aspen Vaught

RebeccaLOVES Polistic Yoga

I am a holistic health advocate and coach.

Polistic is a fun way to move your body!

I had the best time practicing Polistic Yoga in Costa Rica!


Stefanie LOVES Polistic

"I developed hip issues after excessive exercise and overuse. Practicing Polistic Yoga with Jennifer completely cleared it up! With this Practice I finally enjoy stretching!"

Stefanie Dwyer



Here for YOU

Still need a Yoga Pole????

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