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Freedom To Move

Our bodies are constantly changing and going through cycles. Polistic Yoga gives you the power and energy to move through your day with more strength, power and presence.

Be Who You Are

We are only here for a short time. Are you living the life you are meant to live? The practice taps us into our inner power and gives us the confidence to lead the life of our dreams.

Support & Stability

We believe people are their best with support and with the academy you will get just that! The ultimate support through our online community and instant group of likeminded friends to support you every step of the way.


Tanesha LOVES Polistic Yoga

"I am a mom who teaches Pole fitness and have owned my pole business for almost a decade. I had lost touch with the pole and myself, teaching had become a job instead of my passion. I knew when I saw Jennifer talk about Polistic on social media there was something different about her program. I have been in the program for a year now, and WOW! I love it!

The way we stay grounded and use the pole to feel good is exactly what I needed. Pole fitness can be so vigorous, this is such a great addition to my practice. After attending the Pole Yoga retreat in Costa Rica with Jennifer I am certain that I am just getting started with Polisitc Yoga!"

- Tanesha Black

Aspen LOVES Polistic Yoga

"My career as a realtor can be stressful and finding Polistic Yoga was like finding my relief button. I knew there was something more for me than just my career. After joining Polisitc my energetic gifts have really expanded.

The Polistic Community has embraced me online, and in person. I just completed a new healing training after returning home from the Pole Yoga retreat in Costa Rica with Jennifer.

I was skeptical to join Polistic, because I had never tried Pole Yoga, and didn't have much space. I put my pole in my closet and now LOVE coming home to the benefits. I love what Pole Yoga has done for my life!

-Aspen Vaught

Stephanie LOVES Polistic Yoga

"I was suffering with Breast Implant Illness when Jennifer was recommended to me. I was scared and in so much pain. That first time practicing Pole Yoga I knew it would give me what I needed to go through with the explanting surgery.

I had my implants removed and created my own Pole sanctuary. I am now a Pole Yogi and love having this practice as my place to heal. I recently went on a retreat with Polistic and found a deep connection to myself, the land, and others. Polistic Yoga is a 10 out of 10 for me."

- Stephanie Benson

Polistic Yoga's Dream & Vision







Outsiders have Dreams & Visions to build a Community around people who want to Live their Most Exciting Life
Living exciting lives is what Polistic Polers around the world do using the tools, techniques, encouragement and education we create for them to grow in every way. 
Inspiration is what we sprinkle on our programs so your Dream Life has a Deeper meaning and connection with everyone you meet. 
Support systems we've developed help you Create your highest purpose by cultivating a lifelong practice of self-care with the Polistic Yoga Pole. 
Tools and Techniques used by Our clients develop in you the Boldness to be Authentic, the Devotion to create good habits, the will to remain healthy, wealthy, and wise
Individuality is Celebrated in our Community so you'll have the flexibility to experience all life has to offer.
Community calls us to advance a new way to use the Polistic Yoga Pole as an instrument of Fitness.

Allowing us to STRETCH our Bodies, BALANCE our Minds, and SHINE the Light of LOVE on each individual's unique gifts. Improving us in ways our fellow Polistic Yogis usher in a change for the new world for the better!
Join our Community of Outsiders on the Inside!